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Ladies World of Vernon
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 Don't Take Our Word For It... 

Member Survey Results 

Ladies World continually seeks the input, feedback and opinions of our loyal members.  Ours is a club where we respect and seek the thoughts our membership base have for making our facility and services the best in the Vernon area.

We have just completed our Member Survey.  Here are some facts you should know:

92% of our Members describe the appearance of the club, staff and equipment to be good, clean, cutting edge and professional.

99% of our Members describe the cleanliness of the club to always be clean, excellent and spotless.

97% of our Members rate our staff and service as caring, doing their job and even the best staff ever.

Great. Love having Consie as my Personal Trainer to meet my specific health needs.

Great Club! Wonderful staff, Instructors Top Notch! front staff Shelby and Lauren both very sweet. Angela is the the perfect manager! very Professional and extremely helpful! Would highly recommend LADIES WORLD!

Great opening hours and variety of equipment and classes. Love the new easy to operate machines for women - very user-friendly compared to the old style ones. This sets the club apart from others.

I look forward to going there every day, there is a wide range of classes to suit everyone ( you can't please everybody ) and personally I think you have some of the best instructors around who motivate me and keep me wanting to come back day after day......keep up the good work!!

Overall very impressed, alot of effort has been taken to ensure a positive experience, all women really are welcoming there.

I really enjoy the friendliness and information I recieve from all the staff,they seem to always have time for you and most of all with a smile.The energy at ladies world is awesome ! Thanks so much :)

Love the club and the staff, you make everybody feel comfortable with no judgement!

I like the relaxed athmosphere. Front desk staff members are always friendly and approachable. Classes are fun.

I like the atmosphere and the staff. It is a very relaxed and friendly place to come to. I love the child care which is one of the reasons I decided to go to Ladies World.

I LOVE the group classes and all the instructors! Everyone, including the receptionists, is extremely friendly and called me by my name - the second time I saw them! That was impressive! I would love to see Zumba Toning and Centergy back to back on Thursdays. Thank you for kick starting me on my journey to better health and a new lifestyle!

The Manager, Angela is of the best I have ever seen! Kind, caring, professional, personable, qualified and capable of everything required in a fitness environment!

I love to see other instructors taking classes .. they are always helpful to clients and 'step up to the plate' when the instructor least expects the music to skip or the microphone to cut out or the doors need to be opened etc ...

I love the instructors - friendly, engaging, positive and FUN! Rebecca, Jenn, Angela and Robyn are my favorites - always smiling and energetic!

For me the most important aspect of the club is that it is for women only.

Enabling and warm atmosphere. very accommodating and innovative. open to many fitness needs. non threatening.

I have so enjoyed myself and have managed to obtain better fitness inspite of not always being able to make it to classes as they conflict with work or school. You girls are amazing and so encouraging and I am always encouraging my friends to try it out with me and then join

I've been coming on and off for 7 years now and i love the friendly staff.

I love the energy and dedication of both the staff and the members!

The staff is fabulous; helpful friendly and sincerely open to suggestions. I greatly appreciate the ongoing efforts to rejuvinate the club (carpets, paint etc.).

Staff have been friendly and helpful from the first time I came and it's been a year. I'm most impressed with the consistant upbeat attitude of the instructors along with their enthusiasm
Everyone is very friendly.. the instructors are super and well trained.. I like the fact that its ladies only.. the class times work out very well for me as I go to 'Group Power' then 'Zumba'.

Like the new decor, love Group classes.
I am so impressed that I am called by name by the owner and a number of the trainers. I like the social nature of the classes. I like the continued efforts at sprucing up and modernizing the facility.

It has a friendly atmosphere, the staff are professional and the facility is warm and welcoming! 
I do like the bright cheery colors.. makes for a happy environment. Like the the showers are always clean. Thank you for making my workout a nice place to be.
It is a nice club, I like the group of regulars that attend at the same time as I do.  I find that the club is trying to insure that peoples needs are met. And that's all that anyone can expect. Good job.
Your instructors are excellent, very knowledgeable and funny! The reception staff are always friendly.  I love the new paint colours though, nice improvement.

I enjoy coming to the gym and being greeted by great staff. I like that there is alot of choice of classes. I like that you listen to the clients and try to accommodate their schedules and requests. Keep doing a good job.
I like the club. The hours work for me; the classes are good; I love the variety of equipment.

I absolutely love the staff, the group sessions, and the friendliness of both staff and clients.

The staff is terrific - every instructor offers something different. I would love to see better change facilities

Love the improvements, fresh paint ,colors the new red carpets all fab, great staff.

I think it is wonderful - Angela is very attentive and tries to make everything work for everyone!!! Marie and other class instructors are very inspirational.

Love the variety of classes, class schedules and the instructors 
Thanks to Natalia,Dani, and Consie for making my gym experiences so much better. These are true and fun proffessionals.

I am very new to the club but am enjoying myself immensily.

Comfortable friendly atmosphere lots of options for exercise.

I like to be greeted with a "Hi!" when I come in and a "Bye" when I leave. This almost always happens! I miss Jenna! She was fantastic. Staff is very helpful. I have been a member for 10 years and I really like the gym and staff.

YOU LADIES DO A FABULOUS JOB!! The staff are polite ,friendly and FUN. great place!!

I love the trainers, they are all so friendly and helpful. I love Zumba - I live for my zumba workout. Parking is great, locker room and bathrooms are always clean. I just enjoy every aspect of Ladies World.

Very good gym, most staff are friendly, and numerous classes to choose from.

Fantastic with lots of great staff and lots of classes. I notice a huge improvement in the last year as far as staff, decor and over professionalism in the club. I enjoy Ladies World very much, keep it up!!

Enjoy coming ...like how the front is opened up now...love all the classes available ...specially love Robyn,Kristy they have shown a personal interest in me.
I mostly go to the classes that are provided. They give me a solid 1 hour work out that I need. the gym is looking awesome! It's a lot nicer inside now for sure! I still would not go anywhere else, I've been going to Ladies World for a number of years, and still recommend it to my friends.

I love ladies world because most of the time there is a very relaxed easy going atmosphere. Being an 'above average' size I have never been made to feel 'less than' at this gym, which is very important to women, especially those who are starting fitness programs for the very first times in their lives. The group classes are fabulous and I am very grateful to the instructors of these groups. (Special mentions for Robyn, Sylvie, and Christina) They are always very warm and welcoming. My only suggestion might be, if possible, more classes! :)  Thank you to all the friendly, caring staff. You guys are all great and I really enjoy coming!

I appreciate the comradeship with the staff, other members and the wide range of ages of ladies.

I really enjoy your gym and the staff is excellent. Sometimes the classes don't work time wise but you are always trying to accomodate and I really appreciate it.

I love Ladies World and suggest to anyone who will listen! The atmosphere is so positive and welcoming.

Amazing variety of equipment and trainers, something for everyone. Your Zumba rocks! As a single mom extended hours for the gym and daycare could be beneficial.

Its great! Lots of classes and love the woman only environment.
Excellent. Love the new makeover it's getting.

I have referred many people over the years

 Love the club and love the environment. The staff real cares and make a woman feel like a woman. Some much fun in all the classes and like all the different classes. One of the best gyms that i have gone to  :)

Welcome to Ladies World!

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